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July 21st 2010

Męrudagar starting!

The annual town festival, Mærudagar, starts this Thursday the 22nd of July.  In Húsavík, the word "mæra," the first half of the local festivals name, means sweets or candy.  Thus, the festival might be called "Candy days" in English.  These Mærudagar have been held the last fifteen years, starting off in 1995, growing bigger each year.  Since 2006, another festival has been held before Mærudagar, Sænskir dagar or Swedish days, or, as is only appropriate, Svenska dagar.

The last few years the harbor has been packed with a crowd of locals, former townfolks and guests from all over!

Of course, we at Gamli Baukur are taking part in the celebration, and invite you to take part with us!


Tonight, with the last day of Sænskir dagar, Hera Ólafsdóttir is performing swedish folk music with a jazz influence, starting at 20:30.

Around 22 o'clock, the weekly pub quiz challenge takes place.


Thursday evening, Dætrasynir are performing in Gamli Baukur, starting off the 4 day festival.


On Friday, S.O.S., who also performed last year, take the stage in Skipó.


And to finish it off with a bang, the supergroup Hommar will be performing on Saturday!


And the best part? Entrance is free of charge!


Gamli Baukur in the lovely weather


Hopefully the weather will stay the same!  You can see the Swedish flag in honor of Swedish days.


Gamli Baukur and Hildur


The harbor will probably be packed for the festival.

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