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May 27th 2010

Rehearsing Let's talk local - Húsavík

The premiere of a new comedy show, called Let’s talk local, will be next Tuesday, the 1st of June at 15:00 in restaurant Gamli Baukur. It tells the story of two vikings, Garðar and Náttfari, who were the first people we know of to set foot in Húsavík. On their way they run into various Icelandic supernatural beings like ghosts, elfs, trolls and more. The play is both humorous and educating, takes place in English and will be shown every day between 15:00 and 16:00, the whole summer, in restaurant Gamli Baukur.


Margrét preparing the stage

Margrét, preparing the stage

Garðar with his map

Oddur Bjarni in his role as Garðar, not quite sure how to turn the map

Location Húsavík, Iceland

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