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Gamli Baukur - Restaurant - Bar - Live Music

Welcome to Gamli Baukur and Hvalbakur

Fresh local seafood

Gamli Baukur catering has been transferred to Hvalbakur Café until 1st of May 2015. Hvalbakur Café is located above Gamli Baukur. 


Gamli Baukur Restaurant is located by the harbour in Húsavík. It offers you a superb scenery over the harbour and the mountains across the bay. The restaurant offers fresh local seafood and other local and international dishes, as well as various beverages. Gamli Baukur serves also as a frequent venue for live music and preserves a collection of local maritime items.


A unique restaurant by the harbour in Húsavík where old fashioned values meet modern times.

Location Húsavík, Iceland

Awards & Authorisation:

Awarded nationally and internationally since 1995Travel Agency - Authorised by Icelandic Tourist BoardTour Operator - Authorised by Icelandic Tourist BoardMember of Ice Whale - The Icelandic Whale Watching Association



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