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Gamli Baukur - Restaurant - Bar - Live Music

History of Gamli Baukur

1884 - 1904

The history of Gamli Baukur goes as far as 1843 when the original house was built, not far from where Gamli Baukur is today. Back then it was built as a residence for the district magistrate. In 1884 however the magistrate decided to build his house elsewhere and the house was sold to Sveinn Magnússon. He opened a restaurant and a bar in the house, the first restaurant to be opened in Húsavík. Sveinn was a colourful character, he had the opinion that a reasonable amount of alcoholic beverages couldn’t hurt anyone and Gamli Baukur became a favored place amongst locals.


Sveinn died quite young in the year 1894 but his wife ran the restaurant after his death until she passed away in the year 1904. By that time dominating locals were on the wagon and the town council didn’t renew the liquor license in Gamli Baukur.


The house burnt down in 1960.

From 1998

The present Gamli Baukur was built in the years 1997-1999 by the harbour in Húsavík. The house is built of driftwood found on the coastline around Húsavík. Driftwood is not only first class building material but also environmentally friendly. Gamli Baukur today is mainly, like it’s predecessor, a restaurant and a bar. It has a great terrace where people enjoy the coastal atmosphere in a good weather with their meals or drinks. In the evenings it’s often a vivacious bar and frequently a venue for live music.

Location Húsavík, Iceland

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