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Gamli Baukur - Restaurant - Bar - Live Music


Live music at Gamli BaukurThere is always something happening in Gamli Baukur. We welcome all artist and performers and we strive to have as diverse schedule as possible.



Bands from all over the country and international acts play here regularly and the variety is great, jazz, blues, classical music, solo acts, pop, rock and even heavy metal. At weekends discos and even live bands fill the house with dance music and the locals, along with guests and visitors, all head down there to have a good time.


Game nights

Pub Quiz is held in Gamli Baukur every week and everyone can join in for a relaxed game of trivia. The quiz masters are usually locals but please contact us if you have something else in mind, you want to throw a quiz of your own or participate in some other way.



Sport events are very often shown on the jumbo screen and the residents gather there to enjoy them with friends and strangers, have a bite or drink and support their teams. Be sure to be there when Iceland's national teams are competing, only then all visitors are on the same side.


Your ideas

We are very open for all sorts of events and happenings so do not hesitate to contact us here on the site, or just ask around when you get there if you want to perform or if you have any other ideas.


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Location Húsavík, Iceland

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